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How Much Does it Cost to Use Dawn's Services?

It is free for you, the user, to get matched to your perfect therapist!

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Although every therapist's rate varies, we work to match you with a practitioner that fits within your budget. Our therapists average between $75 - $225 per 1 hour session, whereas the national average is typically between $125 - $175 per session. That being said, select therapists offer lower rates for uninsured clients wanting to try therapy.

Is Therapy/Dawn Right for Me?

Let's consider some stats:

  • 20% of adults experience mental health issues while 80% of participants in therapy feel better.
  • A good therapeutic fit results in 5-7x better outcomes for patients.
  • The largest barrier to seeking treatment is affordability.

Dawn's filters on price, insurance, and sliding-scale acceptance can help you find a therapist in your price range. Our goal is to remove the logistical stress from your search.  Provide us your preferences, view profiles, and book your first session.  Simple as that.

Moreover, you don't need to be at your breaking point to try therapy. Everyone can benefit, because well-being isn't merely the absence of illness but rather the realization of your full potential.

What Specialties Do Dawn Therapists Offer?

Our partnered therapists offer a wide range of specializations including - but not limited to:

Where are Therapists Located?

Dawn's partnered therapists are located across Canada, with concentrations in Calgary, AB, and Vancouver, BC.

What Ages Do Dawn Therapists Accommodate?

Our therapists work with people aged 5 to 105!

What Certifications Do Dawn Therapists Possess?

Dawn is partnered with registered and provisional psychologists, registered social workers, Canadian certified counsellors, and licensed counsellors.

Can I Use Insurance?

Dawn uses direct billing for anyone with health benefits. Check your personal benefits to see which mental health resources are covered, and we'll help you find a therapist that works for you.

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"Last year, when I was hemming and hawing about whether or not to seek help, my amazing partner broke it down for me. She told me,
'if there’s something out there that might make you feel better, why not try it?'
And really, what do you have to lose?"
- Chris Vandenberg, Dawn User
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