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How Much Does Therapy or Counseling Cost?
Davis Yates
September 2, 2020
There's never been less stigma around therapy, yet, 57.4% of adults with a mental health condition received no mental health services in the past year. Price and lack of insurance have been the largest barriers. This blog posts tackles questions around pricing, insurance and what we're doing to make counselling more affordable.
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What it's Like to Lose a Loved One During COVID-19
Chris Vandenberg
June 20, 2020
"In February of 2020 I had my first real appointment with a counsellor. I learned new techniques for managing stress and I was excited for what might come from future sessions. Then it happened. My father passed suddenly and tragically while on vacation, on February 28th, 2020. My parents lived in Ontario so I left British Columbia as soon as I could. The process of bringing the body back to Canada took weeks, and by the time we were able to hold a funeral it was March 17th. That same day Ontario declared a state of emergency in regards to Covid-19."
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Black Lives Matter and the Indispensable Push for Anti-Racism
June 1, 2020
It is no longer enough to "not be a racist".
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Josée Kreese: How Covid-19 is Impacting Kelowna’s Supportive Housing Population
Tyleigh Massey-Leclerc
May 25, 2020
The on-going pandemic has been nothing if not pervasive; affecting people’s livelihood, mental health, physical health, and social support networks. It has caused ripples in our communities, our homes, and our faith in our world leaders as we scramble to support not only ourselves, but our medical workers and our at risk populations. One such population, the homeless, are impacted in ways that many will never experience first hand. To detail the impact of Covid-19 on some of this at risk population, I interviewed Josée Kreese from the Canadian Mental Health Association based in Kelowna, BC.
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Dawn: A New Way to Find Great Therapists
Davis Yates
January 30, 2020
Founder, Davis Yates, discusses his journey with mental health, and the inspiration that led to the creation of Dawn.
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